Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews In 2017

The possibility of GPS innovation has been firmly associated with golf exercises and that is the first which golf GPS watch ends up plainly accessible. Diverse watch makers and even GPS-permitted innovation partnerships have taken the upside of this potential open door and have offered their own models of best golf watch which allow individuals to settle on the correct choices before doing the shot.

Golf GPS watch is the most recent progression in separation discovering gear, coordinating common sense and style with comfort. It could disclose to you a correct time and additionally naturally explore the course.

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2 Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews

Garmin Approach S2

Garmin Approach S2 Black/Green

An arrangement of overall courses is coordinated into the gear. The entire strategy from refreshing and introducing of matching up course documents to downloading course maps is flawless and smooth. Continue reading

Youth fastpitch softball bat buying guides

 It’s obvious at the bats play a very important role on fastpitch softball players. The role of the bat is even more significant for youth players because it will have strong impact not only on their current performance but also on how they develop the right playing techniques later. Therefore, parents should be more careful when buying youth fastpitch softball bats. Actually, there are 4 main factors that require special consideration.

League rules and regulation

In fact, youth leagues have more rules and regulations than other leagues. After doing several tests on different kinds of bats, each league issued detailed and special set of rules for the bats that are approved to use in order to protect the fairness and safety of young players. That is the reason why it’s necessary to study these rules and regulations carefully. Continue reading

DeMarini 2016 CF8 BBCOR Baseball Bat Review

It’s safe to say that DeMarini is the leading baseball bat manufacturer in the market at the moment. When people think that DeMarini CF7 is their best product, they have introduced CF8 series which quality is improved considerably. CF8 series come with many models for different players, and its BBCOR baseball bat has been receiving numerous praises.


DeMarini 2016 CF8 BBCOR Baseball Bat
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DeMarini CF8 BBCOR is a composite two-piece bat.

In term of design, it has very sleek and appealing look with various color options for different tastes. Actually, DeMarini knows really well how to attract young baseball players with a modern design. Furthermore, they also offer custom design service to satisfy customers with unique taste. Continue reading

Golf Driver – What Do I Need To Know As A Golfer?

Advances in technology of sweet-spot, size, composition, departure angle, ball acceleration, and forgiveness are some categories where manufacturers spend a lot of money and time on research and development. The result of this research and development is a large supply of golf drivers, each with its own functions and advantages. Golfers are spoiled for choice to find the right golf clubs from the huge selection and thus achieve better approaches, greater expanses or even chances on Eagles. It may be only one club in golf bag, but it is usually the most expensive. There are a lot of criteria that should be considered when buying, so below are the most important data once summarized.

best golf drivers

What is the most suitable material for the driver?

Continue reading

Top 5 My Favourite Slowpitch Softball Bat 2016

There are many factors that you should take into consideration when buying new slowpitch softball bat such as size, material, design, leagues’ criteria… It’s quite a complicated process. However, below list of top 5 slowpitch softball bats in 2016 would give you a useful reference.

best softball bats

Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA

Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA was launched to the market in 2015 in collaboration with one of the best softball players Jeremy Isenhower. This Miken slowpitch bat is a one-piece end-loaded bat, so it becomes favorite of many powerful hitters. This bat has standard length 34 inches but its weight varies from 25-30oz. to fit many players. In addition, 100% composite material makes it extremely durable. It’s also approved in most of major leagues such as USSSA, NSA and ISA. Continue reading

SkyPRo Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Nowadays, high-technology devices, especially golf swing analyzer do a great job in improving golfers’ performance. Among many golf swing analyzer brands in the market, SkyPro has been receiving many compliments from golfers and is continuously in the top of golf swing analyzer each year.

SkyGolf SkyPro Swing


SkyPro golf swing analyzer is the most compact and lightweight in the market. It has oval shape with 1.7 inch length, 0.8 inch width and 28 gweight. Therefore, this golf swing analyzer could be fastened easily into your golf club without causing any adverse impact on the club or performance. The combination of white and orange looks quite youthful and sporty.

Ease of use

Actually, all golfers, even the ones at entry level don’t face any difficulty in using SkyPro golf swing analyzers. It has user friendly interface in which all information is shown clearly and easily to understand. Besides, this swing analyzer could be connected with iPhone and Android phones. Therefore, the information could be transferred to your smartphone instantly to have better view and understanding. Continue reading

If Rangefinder For Golf:  Laser Vs. GPS

One thing is certain, once you’ve started playing with golf rangefinder which means you never play more without … Tests show that it generally takes less time to play with golf rangefinders. That alone is reason enough for everyone to have one. Above all, it creates security, you simply know that you are the right club in your hand, golf is a game of confidence! Everyone knows how it feels when it goes well, they are full of confidence in his game, technique and swing is subordinate to the sense of security that allows any player to perform above their ability.

golf rangefinder reviews

The choice of golf rangefinders often occurs between GPS and laser range finder golf, the question is what you want. If you ask the professionals, the answer is clear. There is probably no professional who would say anything other than laser binoculars. The reason is simply that you do not get the exact distance with a GPS how to do. Your choice you must make for yourself, to give a reasonable idea of ??what divides them, we have written a bit about the pros and cons below. Continue reading